Cardano Kombat

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Cardano Kombat is a community-driven collection of high-end art NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. Our goal is to tell the story of the Cardano blockchain through our collectible NFTs, showcasing what makes Cardano unique.

Completed Series 2 NFTs


Cardano Kombat is a tribute to the entire Cardano community.

Our goal is to teach the millions of new Cardano users what makes Cardano unique and to stamp its story on the blockchain forever.

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Introduce Ourselves

Special Series paid
homage to the unsung heroes and community of Cardano.

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Our artwork is all hand drawn with thoughtful and intentional crafting to teach and inspire.  Every detail is purposeful, for a picture is worth a thousand words. The closer you look, the more you’ll discover and understand.

Someday, Cardano Kombat hopes to launch a trading card game, which the community can play using their own NFTs right on the blockchain.

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