Cardano Kombat

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Cardano Kombat? Chances are, someone else has asked the same question before! Check out our frequently asked questions below.

Series 1: 81791e9e2b5929574039c38020374c753a548ef84bd7eaef8c908bdf

Special Series: 9b1a534e34b74af718d7881198cf5764b6760a252a78de8734701537

Series 2: 8ac77b85271f96a8b0e77a0f85c9d5bd2d6320d31a877fee6f7ead5a

Airdrop 1: aa931473268f2f1ba1b1e5c1a238b89b1f2e055f65248c30eabab69e

Please check and ensure your NFT matches this policy to ensure its authenticity. More information on the policy can be found on 

Series 1: 4350 
Special Series: 225 per  drop.
Series 2: 1487
Airdrop 1: 2048

Please review the policy ID for auditability and authenticity of your NFT.

Currently NFTs can be traded on or CNFT.IO 

A nonfungible token is a unique cryptographic token permanently stored on a blockchain. An NFT can represent a unique piece of art, analogous to an original painting, signed baseball card, numbered limited-edition print.

When you visit, you will see an option to enter a receiving address. This will be found in your personal wallet under the “receive” tab. Copy and paste into the search area on

This will show you all fungible, and non-fungible tokens as well as your Ada balance.   


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on completed NFT sales. Transactions that are sent and fail due to expiry or tx errors will be automatically refunded.

The best method to get hold of the Cardano Kombat team is to reach out via twitter @CardanoKombat or via our discord page.

Deadalus, Yoroi, and Adalite are basic wallets for storing your NFTs. Marketplaces do not support these wallets.

Smart Contract enabled wallets include Typhoon, Eternl, Nami, Flint, Gero, and Nufi. These wallets are third-party browser extensions that connect to marketplaces.

Please use caution when using third party wallets. 

When sending ADA to purchase an NFT,  DO NOT send from an exchange as the NFT will not be able to be recovered.

The NFT purchasing system is designed to draw a completely random NFT from the entire collection every time.

The NFTs will be minted and sent immediately after payment gets confirmed. Therefore, it might take 1-40 minutes for the NFTs to arrive in Your wallet.